Fall Bucket List

This summer I’ve read about everyone making bucket lists and trying to complete them before the clock would strike 12. If you procrastinated, or didn’t get to finish the big race, it’s okay! A new season is a brewing and that means you can start fresh with a fall bucket list. As this beautiful blog of inner thoughts develops i’ll add on to the bucket list seasonally, but for now this is what I’ve come up with:

*Fall Bucket List 2012*
1. Drive In
2.Road trip to Le Claire
3.Pumpkin Patch
4.Movie Day
5.Play In the Leaves
6.Camp out
7.Pinterest day
8.Bon Fires
9.Day at the farm
10.Take LOTS of pictures 

If you have anymore ideas don’t be afraid to comment! 
Happy Fall! :)
That One Chick <3 

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